Production EDM

Wire EDM • Sinker EDM • Small Hole EDM

Reliable EDM - 24 Hour/Day Operation
Production Wire EDM 1
Production Wire EDM 2
Production Wire EDM 3
  • Modified wire EDMs Machines to cut up to 64" tall
  • EDM parts weighing up to 10,000 lbs
  • EDM tapers to 45 degrees
  • Cut unattended with automatic threading
  • Accuracies to +/- .0001"
  • Surface finishes to 12 RMS

Production Sinker/Ram EDM

Production Ram EDM 1
Production Ram EDM
Spiral Groves
Production Ram EDM 2
  • 16 station tool holders
  • Precise indexing and orbiting
  • Angular capabilities
  • Machine threads into hardened materials
  • Accuracies to +/- .0002"
  • Surface finishes to 16 RMS

Production Small Hole EDM

CNC Small Hole EDM 1
Production Small Hole EDM
CNC Small Hole EDM 2
  • Modified machines to EDM holes into tall parts
  • Small hole EDM-over 30" tall (EDM from both sides)
  • Burr free holes
  • EDM holes from .012" to .187"

Quality Control

We have provided EDM services for some of the major manufacturers, such as:
GE, Halliburton, Dow, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, and NASA.
Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine
Quick VIsion Measuring System
Digital Height Gauge
  • Six specialized wire EDM software stations
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Vice President, Steve Sommer, Mechanical Engineer
  • Receive AutoCAD, DXF, IGES, SolidWorks and STEP files by E-mail

The EDM Specialists

Wire EDM • Sinker/Ram EDM • Small Hole EDM Quick Turnaround - 24 Hours a Day Operation

We have over 75 EDM machines and are capable of doing all sorts of EDM machining, from small medical parts, tall parts for the oil industry, and large turbines for the energy industry.

Capabilities of EDM

Capabilities of Wire EDM Part 1
Capabilities of Wire EDM Part 2
Capabilities of Sinker/Ram EDM
Capabilities of Small Hole EDM