Incredible EDM Machining

Incredible EDM Machining
Ram EDM Electrodes

Accuracy to +/- .0001 Inch

Wire EDM: Accuracy to +/- .0001 Inch
Snowflake is made from two pieces of steel. It takes 30 seconds or this 1“ snowflake to reach bottom of the surface plate.

Production Ram EDM 3

Intricate Shapes

Wire EDM: Machines Intricate Shapes
Wire EDM can machine all sorts of intricate shape into any electrical conductive materials, hard or soft.

Ram EDM Miniature Parts

Rotary EDM

Rotary EDM
A rotating chuck is programed with the wire EDM. As the chuck rotates, the wire can machine parts in the X and Y, and the top head can also move in the U and V.

Ram EDM Parts

Sinker EDM

Sinker EDM
ll sorts of blind cavities can be machined with sinker EDM. The vertical Z in many machines comes with the capability to move up and down and rotate. In addition the X and Y axis can be programed. Show is an electrode connecting two ports on a valve.

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